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Welcome to the Lab

Who are we?

LabRats is a dynamic quartet of multi-instrumentalists specializing in many forms of popular American music. A year after the band’s formation, the band has proven itself to be an integral part of their hometown music scene. LabRats, performing all over Sacramento and the Bay Area, has their growing fanbase clamoring for more of their smooth yet psychedelic sounds. In addition to their many gigs and recording sessions, you can find LabRats at the Torch Club every Sunday night where they curate the “Sunday Sessions,” a free, inclusive and safe environment for musicians and other creatives to meet and perform with one another fulfilling the trio’s personal mission of giving back to the community that has shaped them.

"LabRats - an extremely versatile jazz/hip hop fusion band that is both a stand-alone act and a favored companion to vocalists and instrumentalists of all genres."

- Jennifer Reason, CapRadio, NPR


labrats ss action 1.jpg

Released Recordings

cover web.jpg

"Jef Costello and the Caged Bird" (feat. The Philharmonik)

bring me to life cover.jpg

"Bring Me To Life" (feat. Julian Cunningham)

Labrats sac state.jpg

"Peach" (feat. dogpatch, and Widda K)

real homebase art.jpg

"Homebase" (feat. Diamond Key, Jakhari Smith, and Zach Martin)

"Loading Screen . . ." (feat. Jackson Riley, and Zach Martin

standard practice.jpeg

Standard Practice Vol.1

album cover LabRats.png

Year of the Rat

Live Videos

Tiny Desk Submission


"Rock The Boat"
Aaliyah cover.


"I cant Help It"
Michael Jackson/ Stevie wonder cover.


Song by Jakhari, Arranged by LabRats.


"All Blues"
Miles Davis cover.

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